sell your business with a tailored exit strategy

The Process We Use

Selling a business is complicated, especially if you want to do it properly. Our big-bank experience combined with our boutique approach ensures that the sale of your business is transparent and executed professionally. 

Initial meeting

We start with a complimentary and confidential assessment and valuation of your business. We can get an idea of you, your expectations and if we can help.

value enhancement

If we identify ways to increase value by delaying the sale, we may discuss this and present the option as well. This gives you time to plan your exit and for potentially more.


We prepare marketing items, information memorandum, teaser and financing qualifications.


We go to market with a confidential marketing strategy and begin to screen and talk with qualified buyers.


Negotiations, due diligence, terms, lease transfers and final items for closing. 


Types of Businesses

We are a boutique firm which means we work on deals where our experience and knowledge leads to high success rates. That being said, we do not work with companies that are any of the following:


We only work with companies with minimum annual revenues of $600,000.


The companies we represent must have profitability, we don’t operate in distressed situations currently.


We do not sell early-stage start-ups that are not yet profitable.


We do not represent e-commerce, web-only or drop shipping companies at this time. 

Are you ready to talk?

If you’re ready to have a casual, confidential conversation then we can set up a time to chat. We’ll explain to you the process of what it takes to sell, how to maximize value and what to expect in a simple and easy to understand manner.