Our Investment Approach

A contrarian approach.


Many tend to follow the conventional route of investing with a buy & hold approach, not us. We believe that in order to deliver exceptional returns that are non-correlated to the market, you need to be creative and contrarian. This means that we are asset-class agnostic, willing to invest and trade in asset classes globally as long as we can find an asymmetric upside.

Our research is the backbone of the firm and is driven by both macro and fundamentals so that we can generate creative investment ideas that are non-correlated to market direction. Those investment ideas generate our core portfolio holdings which are designed to mature within three to eighteen months in time. From there we deploy an active long/short strategy within the portfolio to produce revenues while core holdings mature. 

We are hyper-selective with our investment ideas because we are after absolute returns with an assymetric element. 

Three Pillar Approach

Our investment approach combines long and short-term investment ideas across multiple asset classes. We differentiate our process by combining these three pillars to construct portfolios.

Core Long/Short

We look for companies and situations where we believe in a catalyst that allows us to develop an investment with a 3-18 month time horizon. These ideas are driven by macro & fundamental research and are both long & short driven investment ideas.


Active Long/Short

We use an active long/short strategy within the portfolio to trade across companies and sectors where there is a short-term catalyst with a 1-3 month time horizon. 

Trade Structuring

An investment idea is only as good as the execution of it. We have a heavy focus on structuring ideas within the portfolios using convex approaches. This allows us to manage overall portfolio risk while building the best possible expression of the investment idea. 

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