We add serious value for small businesses.

Bustamante & Co. is a private merchant banking & boutique advisory firm specializing in business sales, M&A and raising capital for select companies. 

While we are no means a full service Investment Bank we are one of the very few boutique firms that work directly with main-street and early stage companies to provide big bank services. This means developing exit-strategies, selling your company, raising capital, re-structuring and reverse-mergers on select global exchanges.

We also act as a private Merchant Bank which means we invest in and acquire select companies that meet our investment parameters.

Daniel Bustamante

Daniel is the founder of Bustamante & Co. and began his career at the age of twenty with Charles Schwab & Co. before moving on to start an online printing and signs business. He spent over ten years on Wall Street as a proprietary trader and portfolio manager at a long/short hedge fund.

As of recent he served as the CEO of Jack Grace USA assisting in turning the company around from bankruptcy into full operations once again. He works directly with main-street companies and through his network from years on Wall Street allows owners to maximize their results.


Ofir Varsulker

Ofir Varsulker is an advisor with the firm. He is a lifelong entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada where he was involved in the retail beauty space before moving to proprietary trading. He directly with reverse-mergers, capital raising and IPOs for the firms clients.